Terrazzo Restoration

Purchasing a building with terrazzo flooring or discovering it beneath your existing floor can be a gem. Terrazzo floors have been around for thousands of years and is one of the most durable and beautiful types flooring around. We can take a battered terrazzo floor and bring out the most in the artisan workmanship and beauty.

Through lots of care and attention to detail, Luxcrete can restore your floor to its highest possible form. We can repair cracks and holes, re-polish to restore shine, or densify to add to the floor's durability and longevity.

Restoring terrazzo flooring has it's benefits. Typically, this can be cheaper than other flooring options, and definitely cheaper than re-installing terrazzo. Terrazzo holds fairly high value due to the fine craftsmanship that goes into installing terrazzo, so you will be improving the value of your space compared to other flooring treatments. Also, you can have control over how deep of a grind we use to restore, so you can still make it your own.