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Types of stains 

Acid: Acid stains penetrate the concrete surface, allowing for great durability and wear resistance. In addition, acid stains are great at resisting damage from UV rays, making this a great option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Can be applied to new or existing concrete and overlays. Color options range from most earth tones to soft blues and greens, and tends to be a bit more translucent than other stains, giving it a natural variation in tone. To see stain color samples click here

Water Based: Like acid stains, water based stains penetrate the concrete, giving it the same durability benefits listed above. Water based stains contain very few harsh chemicals, so the application and clean up process can be easier than other staining methods. This coloring method tends to come out more even, as there is no chemical reaction like seen in other stains. The color options are nearly limitless, and can range from translucent to opaque. Even if we don't have your ideal color, we can mix different stains to create your perfect hue.

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