Polished Concrete

Most popular form of low maintenance flooring for industrial spaces and modern design. Process of grinding densified concrete surface to desired sheen. Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Completely customizable, from color to substrate. Easy to maintain and low impact on the environment.

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Epoxy Garage floors

Very popular flooring option for residential garage floors. If you currently have a dirty slab of concrete with oil stains, cracks, or rust from cars or tooling, this service is ideal for giving you a floor that is good as new. Epoxy will make the floor chemical and oil resistant, preventing against future damage. Completely customizable through colors and design, even making the floor look like stone. The options are endless!

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Stains & Dyes

Process of coloring a polished or sealed slab of concrete either through acid stains, water based stains, or acetone dyes. Great for interior and exterior flooring, residential and commercial. After the floor is stained, it is usually sealed with a clear coat to improve longevity and maintain the exact color desired. There are a wide variety of stain and color options to suit every space and style.

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Concrete Sealing

Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. Sealing concrete creates an impermeable layer over the top of the stone. Protects from surface damage, corrosion, salts, staining, and the absorption of water, therefore improving the longevity and reducing necessary maintenance. The type of sealer used depends upon the needs of the customer.

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 MAstic Removal / Surface Prep

The cleaning and removal of any kind of preexisting material on an old slab of concrete, prepping a floor for almost all services. Materials removed could include epoxy, carpet glue, tile glue, or a variety of other substances. This process entirely prepares the concrete for the "next step" of production, whatever your next step may be.