Epoxy chip flake floors can transform a cracked stained floor into a showroom floor that is a livable expansion of your home        _________________________________________


Great for residential and professional garage floors, restaurant kitchens floors, and warehouses floors. Epoxy coatings provide for excellent durability and protect from oils or other harsh chemicals. The thick coat and ability to customize your color and design works to cover imperfections and improve the aesthetic of your floor. Even if your current floor is dirty, cracked, or stained, the process of epoxy coating corrects all damages and leaves you with a floor that is good as new. Our epoxy system is installed in one day, and will look like new for years downs the road.

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endless options

The world is your oyster when it comes to designing your epoxy floor. There are many options of stain colors and dyes, as well as paint chip applications and other broadcasting options to customize the color or make your floor look like stone.

Various Size options

Earth Tones

Team colors with logo

Create your own color and blends

Quartz floor example blends

Mica floor blends



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